6 Interesting Facts About Makeup

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There's no denying that the makeup industry today is a huge one, perhaps as big as the financial sector. In fact, some studies suggest that 9 out every 10 ladies use makeup products of some sort. However, many of them aren't aware of how rich its history is and what interesting pieces of information you may find out about it. You can find about some of them here and you're sure they will blow your mind! Here are some amazing facts about makeup you hadn't known before:

Interesting Facts About Makeup

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1. ‘Make Yourself Up’ To Divorce 200 Years Ago - 

Many people may think it seems untrue, but it actually did happen. Women today wear makeup to look impressive, and while, of course, it boosts your confidence to feel good with your looks, there's no denying men enjoy the effects, too. However, England had a contrary belief – 200 years ago it was on the brink of passing a law that could allow men to send their wives away for wearing makeup!

2. A Permit Is Required To Wear Makeup in Pennsylvania -

 Talk of crazy laws. One of such is found in the mid-Atlantic state of Pennsylvania – although no one has ever been arrested, the legislation is still etched in state laws up to date. There clearly seems to be a need for a radical change in the law, as the streets are swarming with criminals now!

 3. No Law Regulating Makeup Industry in the US -

 Many people know United States as a pace setter in many issues. However, despite the vibrancy of the industry, the superpower has not showed any interest – its ‘long hand’ has not been long enough to reach the unregulated sector. This means that your safety is solely the responsibility of the makeup companies. Isn’t it baffling?

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4. Close To 1 Billion Lipsticks Are Sold Annually Around the World -

If anyone doubts how the industry has grown, these numbers will astonish them. Over 900 million lipsticks are sold every year globally. That means every person in the US – male and female, young and old, can own 3! In other words, lipsticks sold in three years can’t be enough for the two most populous countries in the world – China and India. For auto lovers, lipstick sales are more than 10 times car sales annually.

5. Ladies Spend About $15,000 On Cosmetics -

Since so many ladies today use makeup, isn't it interesting how much they actually spend on cosmetics in their lifetime? Apparently, studies have shown that on average, women spend about 15,000 US Dollars on makeup products during their whole life. That’s not small money depending on which wage rung of the wage ladder you stand on. If this figure scares you and you want to take care of your budget, try Discountrue.com coupons for Amazon that will let you save on many popular products!

6. Years Ago, It’s White Skin That Rocked -

Of course, makeup history is so long it's no wonder the trends changed drastically many times. While now the we seem to prefer a healthy tan, ladies in medieval times simply adored snow white skin. They would use every method available to whiten it even a little, which wasn't always safe for their health. It is actually believed that leeches were used to get the color out of the skin!

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