World-wide Internet Usage Facts and Statistics - 2013

Graph showing the devices used to access internet 2013

As a matter of Fact, Internet (www) has grown exponentially and is still growing at a rate which cannot be imagined. Day by day the number of people accessing Internet from their Desktops and Mobile devices (Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops etc. . .) is increasing at a rapid pace due to Technological Innovations.

As the World is now 'MOBILE', the mobile users are set to overtake the Desktop users soon in 2014. If we take tablets and Mobile device users together, then they have already overtaken the Desktop users in 2013 itself!.  So, let us take a small tour looking at world-wide Internet usage Facts, Figures and Statistics of 2013.

World-wide Active Internet Users in 2013

Out of entire Human population which is about 7.1 Billion, 4.3 Billion people (4.354 billion approx.) used internet in 2013 with Asia housing nearly 40% of the above users. Below are the statistics reading users.

  • 4.354 Billion - Active internet users.
  • 5.854 Billion - Total Cellular users in the world.
  • Desktop users are about 40.67% of the total active users.
  • Tablet users (Tablets, Tabs, Palmtops etc. . users) = 21.10%.
  • Mobile users (Smartphone and other handheld device users) = 38.23%.

Language on the Web - Statistics

Internet language usage statistics in 2013

As you can see in the above graph, nearly 62% content on the web is in English (En-UK & En-US combined) language. Apart from that, Russian language reserves 7% out of the total and German language 5% while Chinese language holds 4%. The remaining 22% of the total language used on the Internet in 2013 belongs to other languages like Hindi, Swedish, Urdu, Arabic, Greek etc. . .

Internet Browser Usage Statistics 2013

The contents on the Web are accessed using some sort of software called Browsers. So, coming to the Internet browsers lets see what browsers were  used to browse the Virtual Universe (WWW) in 2013.

Internet browser usage statistics 2013

Google Chrome holds a whopping 41% (41.084% approx.) while Internet Explorer secures 23.124%. On the other hand, Mozilla Firefox has risen to 27.054% from 24.215% in 2012. Opera holds 2.115% and the remaining 6.623% by other browsers.

Total Number of Searches on Google in 2013?

Google is the most used Search Engine in the World. Google has a breathtaking 63% Market share in USA alone. Next to Google, stands Microsoft's Bing, Baidu and many other search engines. Here are the numbers relating to Google -

  • 1,453 Million - Active Google Search Engine users.
  • 53% of AD's on the Web is from Google ADSENSE.
  • 2.0287 Trillion - Total number of Searches on Google in 2013.
  • 'Google Maps' is the most used Smartphone app. (54% of the total).
  • 38.6 Billion Dollars - Total digital advertising revenue of Google in 2013.
  •  Google with its wide range of products and Services, Dominated the Web in 2013.
  • 149.16 Billion - Average number (weighted) of Searches on Google per month in 2013.

Mobile (Smartphones & Tabs) Users Statistics - 2013

  • 1.9 Billion - Smartphone users world-wide.
  • 1.9 Exabytes - Global mobile data traffic per month.
  • 62% of the above data traffic is for Video streaming itself.
  • 5.526 Billion - Mobile and Hand-held devices world-wide.
  • 834.252 MB (Megabytes) - Average amount of data consumed by a smartphone user in a month.

E-mails Sent and Received in 2013 

  • 3.8714 Billion - E-mails users world-wide.
  • 5.3 Billion - Total number of Email Clients used.
  • 182.567 Billion - E-mail traffic per day world-wide.
  • 43.57% - Share of spam E-mails of the total E-mails.
  • 13.246% - Share of E-mails considered Non-Essential.

Social Media & Multimedia Statistics 2013

  • 135,057 - Monthly posts by Facebook pages in Brazil, the most active country.
  • 1.6 Billion - Active Facebook users world-wide.
  • 48.454% - Active Female users of the above total.
  • 3.459 Billion - Facebook likes everyday.
  • 234 Million - Active Twitter users.
  • 165.25 Million - Active Google+ users per month.
  • 6.2 Billion - Google's '+ Button' used.
  • 16.54 Million - Vimeo users worldwide.
  • 5.215 Billion hours - Video watched in a month (All websites combined).
  •  8.254 Pb (Petabytes) - Photos added to Facebook every month.
  • 426 Million - Photos added to Facebook everyday.
  • 73 - Photo are uploaded to Instagram every Second!.

It is a tough job to cover all the statistics relating to Internet because there is so much happening every second. The above statistics are collected from various sources like Wikipedia, Royal Pingdom, Statista etc... Many data have be approximated and are rounded off for easy understanding.

Only 3 days has passed since the end of 2013, so there are so much of Data and Statistics still waiting to be mined and explored. Stay connected for future updates :) & Don't forget to read :

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