The Roswell Incident - What Did Really Happen?

Roswell daily record published UFO after roswell incident

On the 7th night of July 1947, an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) crash landed near Roswell, New Mexico. First leak-out of the incident was that a 'Flying Disk' was recovered. But soon, U.S military attributed this incident to the crash of a High-Altitude weather balloon. The news faded away and after 30 years, this incident became one of the most controversial conspiracy theory around linking Alien and UFO's.

investigators examing roswell crash debris

What did really happen in Roswell that night?

As you can see above in the pic, the debris which were recovered from Roswell UFO crash largely consisted of Tinfoil & Wood, Paper. The USAF (United States Armed Forces) maintains this incident as a crash of an experimental balloon belonging to a top-secret program named 'Mogul'.

But many UFO proponents claimed that an alien Spacecraft had been crash landed after an explosion and the remains and bodies have been recovered. They also claimed that Alien autopsies were made and their technology has been studied. They have declined the statement given by USAF regarding this incident as a Cover-up story.

What did Recovery team reported?

At first, the recovery team i.e 509th Bomb Group reported to have found a 'Flying saucer'. And this news made it to the 'Roswell Daily Record' and soon an article was published about it. But later that day, in the afternoon the same paper published an article in the front page stating

'The incident was a mistakenly identified. The recovery group identified a weather balloon as wreckage of a flying saucer due to the unfamiliarity of the materials used in construction of the balloon'.

This sudden shift in the story made the incident a hot topic of Debate among the USAF officials, press and UFO proponents. but soon, this news faded away and everybody considered it as a true weather balloon crash.

How did 'Roswell Incident' became the famous conspiracy theory?

In 1970's a person wrote a book about this incident which included witness accounts and many unrevealed matters. The person was actually one of the member of recovery team!. This book reignited the incident and soon many conspiracy theories cropped up.

photo of an alien recovered from roswell incident - fake
Image credits : Sparsh

Like this picture above, many pictures and unrelated theories came into light claiming the existence of Aliens and an Alien Aircraft did crash in Roswell region in 1947. But further investigation revealed that these were fake and the witnesses were fraud. Out of 300 or so people who claimed to have connection with the incident, only 5 had a direct connection and those five of them handled the debris.

Till now the real deal i.e the real happenings and the outcome of the incident has not been revealed yet. The place where the incident took place has now been converted into a Top-Secret military base which is nicked named as 'AREA 51'.
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