Val Camonica Rock Paintings - Reveals Alien?

Alien like figures drawn in Val camonica

'Val Camonica' is one of the largest collection of rock paintings in the world. The paintings which are called as petroglyphs are prehistoric or ancient. meaning that they were created or drawn as early as 10th millennium B.C. i.e 10,000 B.C (12,000 years ago).

What do Val Camonica rock paintings indicate?

The collection includes more than 300,000 recognizable figures and symbols. These symbol are often daily routine work of the people like Hunting, Fishing etc... But some figures are very strange. There are some paintings which resemble aliens.

Highlighted val camonica aliens
Image credits : Anup

What do researchers say about the paintings?

In the color inverted and enhanced pic above, 2 aliens with tools in their hand can be seen along with protective suits. Many researchers suggest that these paintings can be of Ancient astronauts/Aliens who were extraterrestrial beings, visited Earth in that era and made contact with the aliens.

This site is presently recognized by UNESCO as One of the world Heritage site.

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