Nazca Lines - Did They Have Alien Contact?

nazca lines - a monkey

'Nazca Lines' are the lines which have been drawn across the Nazca Desert (Located in Peru) by Nazca Culture between 400 and 650 AD. These lines depict various Living creatures and some include spirals, crossed lines , rectangle, triangle and other geometrical shapes. These ancient geoglyphs, as they are called can only be seen from the air.

How to identify the Nazca lines?

From the ground, it is nearly impossible to make out the exact representations. These representations varies in complexity. Some are highly complex and some are plain lines representing Triangles and Circles. The Largest image is 285 meters long! which depicts a Pelican.

These lines are made easily with light weight tools and careful planning. Wooden planks have been discovered near those lines, which may have been used for measuring the progress. The lines are small open trenches with a depth of about 15 centimeters.

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How Nazca lines are made?

The Nazca people removed the top layer of the Desert sand to reveal 'Lime rich clay' which provided a great contrast compared with the surroundings. Nazca Desert is one of the least rain-fed area. This made the lines to survive till this date or else it would have been eroded when rain falls.

Nazca lines - A spider

What does the above picture depict?

Many researchers believe that the image above which depicts a 'Spider' is drawn, so that the people can study the movements of the constellation Orion. Many people believe that these lines were made with the help of a manned aircraft of some sort.

Since these lines are straight for nearly hundreds of feet and some images are of a Runway, Astronaut and other out of the world creations, many believe that these lines have been made for Aliens with their help to aid Navigation.

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Nazca lines- Pelican and Runway
Image credits : Shawn

What is the true purpose for Nazca lines?

The true purpose for this creation is unknown. As you can see above in the pic, a Runway is drawn a top of a small hill. The area is flat and stretches 174 meters long. So, these mysteries images leads many researchers to believe that the people had contact with Aliens who visited them often.

But still, to this day the mystery of Nazca lines and the true purpose of those lines has not been proved. Currently the area of the Nazca Desert which covers these extraordinary lines with a total area as nearly as 500 square kilometers, is added to the 'UNESCO's World Heritage Site'.

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