Did Ramayana Really Happen? Or Is It Just a Myth?

Group picture of Rama, sita, laxman and hanuman

'Ramayana' is one of the two (2) greatest epics in the Hindu Mythology, the other being the 'Mahabharata'. 'The Journey of Lord Rama' is called as 'Rama-Yana' It forms an important part of Hindu literature which is considered to be Historical!.

But did it really happen? or is it just a work of Fiction by 'Valmiki'? or is it a myth transcribed by 'Valmiki'?

What is Ramayana?

'Ramayana' is generally attributed to the Great Hindu Sage - Valmiki. The Book is estimated to be written in 5000 B.C. The original 'Ramayana' consists of 7 books named as 'Kandas'. Each 'Kanda' tells different legs of Rama's Journey towards becoming 'King of Ayodhya' after a great battle against 'Ravana - an evil King of Lanka' to rescue his beloved wife, Sita.

Many claim that the happenings of Ramayana can be proved to be Historical i.e to say that 'Ramayana' did take place in the History and 'Rama' did exist in the past. The Bridge built for Rama by his army which is called as 'Rama's Bridge' ( Adam's Bridge)  (read full article by clicking the link) and the place where he ruled i.e Ayodhya still exists in India - Supports this claim.

But till now, Ramayana is not considered as historical because of lack of evidence to prove its existence. If 'Ramayana' is proved to be historical, then the unsolved mystery of 'Rama's Bridge' will be solved as well.

Rama directing vanaras to build Rama's bridge
Image credits : Nithin

About Rama's Bridge

It is estimated that 'Rama's Bridge' is constructed in around 5000 B.C, with the use of wood and stones. This supports the claim of Ramayana being Historical. It is also backed by the construction method used to build the bridge is mentioned in the Valmiki's text.

Although Valmiki mentioned it as a History, the exact time period of living cannot be determined because he has used 'Yugas' i.e Rama lived in 'Tetra yuga' to be specific. But he has forgotten to specify which yuga scale was used when mentioning 'Tetra yuga'.

Because, 'Each yuga can range from 10 years to as wide as nearly 4,320,000 years!'.

See the complete detailed report of this yuga and technique used to determine the exact time period and all the claims which support that 'Ramayana' did happen in this short video below.

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Ramayana is not a mythology you can see its example are rama bridge,rame swaram temple, ayodhya, and you can also check a lot of proof in YouTube or by googling.


According to Indian text books. Indus valley civilization began around 2500 BC. Two epics Ramayana and Mahabharata written in Later Vedic Period ( 600 BC - 600 AD ).
If this is True then why not Lord Rama , Hanuman or else mentioned in Vedas , Brahamans , Aranyakas , Upanishads etc ? As i believe Ramayana happened before 2500 BC.

Some ppl says vedas were wriiten long before ramayana thats why vedas mentioned in ramayana. Lets assume if this is true & Books are hoax ( distorted history by british) which i am reading ..... then , why were the statues of Lord Rama , Hanuman not found in excavations of Indus Valley Civilizations like Harappa , mohenjodaro , chanhudaro , Lothal , kalibangan , Banawali , Dholavria , Surkotada , Daimabad ........ while statues of other deities were found there.


That's because during those times only the supreme gods or the absolutes were worshipped and not human beings. Even though Ram was an avatar of Vishnu he was still a person(and much more). Because that was the whole point of being incarnated as a human being so that the gods could show the masses that through right action and dharma good will always triumph over the evil. Remember that people of those times were much more advanced and intelligent. And moreover, idol worship and temple-building in hinduism began only after 100-200 A.D.


It was a myth there is no archeological evidence or scientific evidence.
No timeline. Not even a single coin was found..
It was a story...
Vedas were written by Aryans.
Aryans came from central Asia.
It means they are not Indians.
They created yama Agni and all this dieties.
But there is not even a single foreign country or even other books proclaim about it..

No social book will consider Ramayana as history...
It was just profane history


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