9,500 Year Old Bracelet - Reveals Precise Engineering

9500 years old precisely engineered bracelet
Image credits : Sophia

During 1990's, a group of researchers discovered bracelets at a site in Turkey which were finely polished and precise engineered. Later they confirmed that the bracelets were made in Obsidian age which dates back to 7500 B.C.

What are Obsidian Bracelets?

'Obsidian bracelets' which were made 9,500 years ago revealed the astounding technical expertise and precision engineering used while make it. Researchers used latest high-tech methods to scan and analyze the oldest bracelet of all times and the craftsmen ship was truly marvelous!

It had a complex geometric shape attributed to it and a remarkable central annular ridge accounting to over all diameter of 10 centimeters and a width of 3.3 cms. Along with the help of several experts, researchers looked the surface of the Bracelet, millimeter by millimeter to find out the process done on it.

How Obsidian Bracelets were made?

The outcome was that the Bracelet was made using highly specialized manufacturing techniques which lead to extreme perfection and more so, were the polishing techniques. The techniques used to polish the surface was so perfect that it matched the surface quality worth of today's telescope lenses! which is in nano-meter scale.

All in all, nearly 60 finely polished obsidian artifacts has been discovered in that site and is being analyzed by experts to reveal further more fascinating information.

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