Rama's Bridge (Adam's Bridge) - Is It Man Made?

Rama's bridge - highlighted

Rama's Bridge ( Rama Setu ), which is also known as Adam's Bridge is a chain of limestone shoals which connected India and Srilanka at specific places till 1480 as recorded in Temple books. It is estimated that it was built around 5000B.C.

What is the controversy surrounding 'Rama's Bridge'?

The main controversy surrounding the Rama Bridge is whether it is a Natural geological formation or a bridge built by Man ('Vanaras' as per 'Ramayana')?

The Bridge as you can see in the Pic - A small line which is connecting 2 countries i.e India ( Above) and Srilanka ( below), is claimed to have been built by Rama's Army! ( Vanaras). It is nearly 30 kms in length which separates Gulf of Mannar from Palk Strait.

Some areas on this stretch are above sea level which is dry because the sea is very shallow being only 1 meter deep. The fact of being able to cross that bridge on Foot was supported by temple records until 1480 AD when a cyclone broke the bridge apart and at present it cannot be crossed.

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Rama's bridge from a helicopter
Image credits : Narender

According to 'Ramayana' ( Ancient Sanskrit Epic by Valmiki )

When 'Rama' faced the difficulty of crossing the gap i.e the sea to reach Lanka to rescue his wife (Sita) who was napped by Evil 'Ravana', this artificial bridge was built.

With the guidance of 'Nala', Rama's Army ( Consisting of mainly 'Ape-Men' or as called as 'Vanaras' ) built this bridge out of wood as base and limestone shoals on top of them.

But the existence of Ramayana i.e whether it is History or Fiction is questioned at present. If Ramayana is proved as History then this bridge will be declared as built by Man (Ape-Men).

According to Earliest Maps by British Cartographer

In the earliest map, this place is named as Adam's Bridge by a British cartographer in 1804 which gives reference to the Abrahamic myth. According to which a man named Adam used this bridge to reach Adam's Peak which is situated in Sri-Lanka (Lanka as referred in Ramayana).
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From the facts there is no doubt that there is a way to reach to SriLanka from India. But the question is, Is it a completely natural phenomenon or a man made structure. It is found that It is an array of limestone. Now the question remains is, is it possible that there exists an array of limestone that can be 18 km long which can be a natural phenomenon. If the answer is yes, there must be a limestone bed somewhere on the planet which can even be greater than 18 kms. Joining of land can be a random event as well. Now will it be wise to bring certain characters in to picture as long as one does not know if the writings were preexisting or the bridge was. If the writing is preexisting then the bridge is formed/made later, if the Bridge is preexisting the writings are made later. If the writings are latter, One can also not remove the possibility that writing are made after observing the existence of the limestone bridge.

Let the darkness of ignorance and bias be removed, Let every individual think logically and intellectually.


Yeah... That's what researchers are looking for :)
Until it is clear as to how this whole thing has happened it will be in '?'.
Thanks for your opinion and views. Highly Appreciated. :)


The bridge must have been a natural formation. long long ago.It could never have been formed or constructed by Vanaras as described in Valmiki nRamayana.They used huge mountains , boulders , huge trees etc and not by using any uniform sized stones. Now we dont find mountains, or very big sized boulders. Valmiki was a contemporary of Aswa gosha.Valmiki having knowledge of the bridge cleverly attributed it to Rama and his Vanaras This attribution of known thing to some event in the distant past is not new in mythology. The point is if a war ever took place in Lanka and was there a Ravana kingAfter Hanuman alerted Ravana about Ramas likley attack, would Ravana keep his shores unguarded? His army would have attacked and prevented forming a bridge? All this styory about Ramas bridge is trash!!! DGRamarao


I respect ur oppinion but what do you have to say about all this 14 pictures? http://www.scoopwhoop.com/inothernews/ramayana-actually-happened/


Dear Ramarao, first of all what is the basis of your timing of Valmiki? How could Valmiki could have known about the bridge if there is no scientific way of discovering? Did you have any idea of how warfare used to happen? You don't have any credentials and knowledge what so ever. Even in recent history of Bharat you can see that wars are fought with certain code.
1. Wars were never fought in the city endangering people.
2. Wars are always fought in barren land where only those who want to fight will come and fight - innocent people were not involved.
3. If a challenger challenges for war, kings won't hide or block enemy to come to war ground, they accept challenge and engage in battle.
See example of Maharaja Prathap. But again you cannot understand with your limited knowledge anyhow.


The Adam's Bridge aka. Shri Ram Setu was mentioned in Ramayana by Valmika. The bridge was built by the Vanaras of Sugriva's Army under the guidance of "Nala".It was mentioned that the Ocean God and Goddess Durga have blessed Lord Rama for the making of the bridge and to win the war against Ravan . Hanuman had already jumped to and fro from India to Sri Lanka ,even to Himalayas for the herbs(Sanjivani). So please explain when the ASI(Archaeological Survey Of India) carbon dated the rocks(limestones) of the strait why does they actually matches with the dates of Ramayana . 5000BC .Why Hanuman Footprints are still found in Sri Lanka and why are huge skeletons still found in India and Sri Lanka of monstrous size . These cannot be explained . So please stop doubting these epics . India civilisation was the most modern Aryan civilisation of the old times and Universities of Nalanda and Taxtila are proofs of it. Indians were swimming in plenty ,that was the reason we have been constantly attacked and looted by explorers and aggressive empires . Believe and have faith in your culture and history. Don't be blind. Please !!!! Shame ....


5000BC water level must be 3 to 5 Meters deep as icebergs were not melting second at that time Lanka and Bharat was not more than 20 kms one more point how did Ravana travelled first from Lanka to bharat. Ramayana mentioned about Pushpak vimaan when noone can think of aeroplane.bharat must be technologically advanced at that time. It's based on true story


I love your wisdom of the history of war, good to see not all have forgotten the terms of our ancestors. War has not always been as it is today which today seems to have zero rules that are anything like the ancients rules of the act.


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