Prahlad Jani - Living without Food/Water from 1940?

prahlad jani getting a check-up

'Prahlad Jani' who is also known as 'Mataji' claims to have lived without food and water from 72 years. He also claims that he is surviving by only chanting and meditation.

About Prahlad Jani

Prahlad Jani, says that he is surviving by chanting mantras and by meditating for goddess Amba. From his early age, he grew up under religious influence and became a follower of Hindu Goddess Amba at the age of 11.

Prahlad Jani has been kept under observations 2 times to know the medical reason behind his claim and also to prove his claim of living without food or water from 1940!. He believes that the goddess Amba provides him with a water like sustainable liquid inside his body to keep him alive.

Till now 2 observational studies has been made, one in 2003 and another in 2010 to prove his claim or to deny it. Many expert neurologists monitored Jani and they were surprised by the result. The experts confirmed Jani's ability to survive without food or water but the claim was not proven due to many allegations relating to the procedure of tests conducted.

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Observational Conditions

  •  Jani was examined daily for checking his vital statistics.
  • Prahlad Jani was made to stay in a sealed room for 10 days.
  • He was provided just 100 milliliters of water a day for mouth wash.
  • The room's toilet was sealed off and Cameras were installed to monitor.
  • No Food / water (except that 100ml) was provided for 10 days straight.

Conclusions drawn from the above Observation

  • Some liquid was found in his bladder!.
  • Jani was perfectly healthy after that 10 days of observation.
  • His weight was reduced slightly and he didn't urinate or defecate.

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Allegations on Prahlad's Claim

  • Since he had lost weight many said this was a hoax.
  •  He sometimes was allowed to meet his Devotees too...
  • Many claimed that the water in his bladder was because, Jani was allowed to take bath and he could has had some while bathing.

These above things made the claim and tests conducted to be held still and not to publish any conclusions yet. Future observations has been planned. Till then this leaves us an unsolved mystery about his claim of living without food or water from 72 years!

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