Tibetan Mastiff - Most Expensive Dog In The World

Fully grownup tibetan mastiff

'Tibetan Mastiff ' are a rare breed of dogs which not only looks frightening but they also cost millions to own. These dogs have made their way into the Book of World Records by their price.

 How much does a Mastiff costs?

In a recent event, this 'Tibetan mastiff' has been sold out for a whopping 1.5 million dollars making it the World's most expensive dog in the World.

About the most expensive dog - Big Splash

The dog is named as 'Big Splash' and amazing fact is that this dog is only 11 month's old and weighs nearly 90 kgs ( 180 pounds ). This monstrous looking cute creature is being fed only with beef, chicken and sea cucumber.

tibetan mastiff in a striking position
 Image credits : Jennifer

These rare and ancient breed of dogs are being considered as a spiritual creatures and has been considered as a status symbol.

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