Symmetrically Carved Stone Balls - Origin Unknown

symmetrically carved stones balls - 2 balls

As you can see in the picture, look how these strange stones are finely carved and polished into perfectly symmetrical artifacts. They look as if they are skillfully manufactured using the modern machinery and engineering. But in fact - these stones are not even close to modern art forms. It may sounds strange but these are prehistoric stones carved nearly 6000 years ago.....

About Symmetrically Carved Stone Balls

'Carved Stone balls' - whose origin unknown were found mainly in Scotland and some of them in England and Ireland. They are all of same size i.e. roughly around 2.75 inches in diameter but vary a lot in their carvings. Many stones have 3 symmetrical knobs and some of them have up-to 160 knobs on their surface.

5 symettrically carved balls

These stones date back to Neolithic age and some even as late as Iron age. Some stones exhibit the value of high levels because of their complex carvings and many are ornamental with simple knobs on their surface.

The purpose for which those are carved?

Many theories for their creation has been formed but nearly every single of them has been ruled out due to lack of believable evidences. Till today these artifacts have no history affixed to them, and they have become strange prehistoric stones always ready to be experimented.

One of the theory suggests that these stones are used as ball-bearings while moving huge objects like building of Stonehenge , Georgia guidelines etc.. But due to lack of evidence this has been rolled out this theory.

symmetrically carved balls
Image credits : Laveena

Over 425 carved stones has been retrieved till now and are exhibited in museums across England. Despite their numbers, experts know very little about them and their true purpose still unknown.

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