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Stonehenge in the evening

When a man/civilization get/s an idea, he/they express/es it in the form of a Painting or with a creative erected structures. But the purpose for which it was done has been left unwritten in many cases like 'Georgia Guidestones' etc.. which still haunts the present World leaving with no answers to answer. Adding to this unexplained list is this circular formation of massive stones which was roughly erected in 3100 B.C and whose purpose still unknown.

About Stonehenge

'Stonehenge' is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire,England which is one of the most famous sites in the World. An estimate obtained says that this was built anywhere from 3000 B.C to 2000 B. C which is nearly 4000-5000 years old which has survived and still surviving the brutal forces of mother Nature.  Due to its uniqueness, this site and surrounding sites has been added to 'World Heritage Sites' list by the UNESCO in 1986.

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Why Stonehenge is considered as a Sacrificial place?

Because of human remains found in the surrounding area, this place was determined as a place for religious sacrifice and burials and a place of religious significance and pilgrimage. But the exact purpose for which 'Stonehenge' was built, still remain as a hot debate topic.

A circular formation of Huge stones which are nearly 24 feet tall makes up this prehistoric monument. By carbon dating results, we can find out that this megalithic construction project spanned of 1,500 years. Many stones were determined to be raised as early as 3,100 B.C and they continued to raise further as time passed.

The exact construction process is still not available as the construction happened in phases i.e. constant raising and alignment changes. Many circular holes were dug by the people and buried human and animal bones in them.

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