Manhattanhenge - A spectacular Occurrence...

Manhattan henge in Newyork
Image credits : Gracy

You have seen 'Stonehenge', 'Georgia Guidestones' and many other unusual places which are built according to astronomical alignments whose purpose has not yet been solved. Like these places there is a place in New york city ,USA called 'Manhattan Henge' which is named after the above mentioned places because similar alignment happens twice a year, amazing people and tourists who come to witness this spectacular event.

The phenomenon of alignment of sun with the stones of the 'Stonehenge' on the solstices does happen in this City too but with a big difference. Twice a year, around May 28 and July 12 the sun begins to set and perfectly align with the East-West streets of the main street grid in Manhattan.This is also called as 'Manhattan Solstice' which usually occur around 8 pm and as you can see this view is simple astounding.
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