Lake Manasarovar - Purity In Its Purest Form

lake manasarovar from a distance

'Lake Manasarovar' is a freshwater lake which represents Purity in its purest form. According to Hindu religion, any person who drinks this holy water will go to the abode of Lord Shiva after death even if he has done sins spanning over a number of years.

How Lake Manasarovar is described?

Since, this lake is considered as a Creation of Lord Brahma in his mind - the lake was named as 'Manasarovar'. Where in 'Manasa' stands for 'Mind' and 'Sarovar' stands for 'Lake' in Sanskrit. Every Hindu feels the urge to visit this lake once in his life time to cleanse all his accumulated sins. Every year it attracts huge crowd of pilgrims to take a ceremonial bath in this holy river.

Pilgrims come from various parts of India, Nepal, Tibet and other neighboring countries in specifically organized tours to ensure safety. They also visit 'Mt. Kailash' as part of the parikrama famously known as 'Mount Kailash Manasarovar Yatra'.

Geographical features of lake Manasarovar

Lake 'Manasarovar' is located in Tibet which covers a surface area of 320 sq.kms and is nearly 4,590 meters above sea level making it one of the highly elevated freshwater lake.

It is relatively round in shape and has a maximum depth of about 300 ft.( 90 meters). Pilgrims take a holy trip in vehicles, around the entire circumference of the lake which is nearly 88 kilometers and finally ends with a holy dip.

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