'Jindo Moses Miracle' - Sea Parting Phenomenon

Sea parting phenomenon - Jindo moses miracle

It has been known from generations and even interpreted in the Holy 'Bible' that, when Moses stretches out his hand over the red sea, the water divides into two in the middle and a dry land is made visible. This Miracle By Moses interpreted in the Bible makes us wonder, How the Red sea departs and forms high raised walls on both the sides making a clear passage on the dry ground below.

People crossing the sea when jindo moses do the miracle
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About real Sea Parting phenomenon

But as you can see above in the picture this literally happens in the Island of Jindo, Korea. Every year the sea divides into two on a variable day in the spring or summer forming a narrow land which is nearly 2.9 kilometers long and up-to 40 meters wide.

This rare natural phenomenon lasts only for an hour drawing thousands of visitors to catch a rare glimpse of 'Moses Miracle' every year and is accompanied by the local festivals. This narrow time period followed by festivals has turned this island a short vacation hotspot. This narrow passage connects the island of Jindo and Modo for about an hour and was not known until the year 1975.

Why is it called as Moses Miracle?

As this phenomenon describes the 'Moses miracle' to its closest, it is called as 'Jindo Moses Miracle' and is celebrated by the locals backed by the visitors from world-wide. This natural 'Jindo Moses Miracle' happens twice a year due to low tides and a raised sea-bed which acts as a small barricade and dividing the sea into two. Its a place worth visiting !

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