Doomsday Seed Vault - Earth is in Danger???

Doomsday seed vault from a side
Image credits : Cathy

'Doomsday seed vault' is a facility built into the frozen mountains on the 'Svalbard Islands, Norway, 1100 km from the North pole'. Tactically built using strong materials to protect those seeds from the Doomsday Disaster to revive life after such major catastrophe that could happen in the near future before famine hits.

How was it built?

A massive hole was drilled down at a specific angle into the heart of the mountain which is 127.5 meters long to accommodate nearly 4.5 million seed samples sourced from every nooks and corners of the World. The total construction cost of the Doomsday vault was 9.1 million U.S Dollars.

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What is the present status?

This vault at present holds more than 7,40,000 seed samples. Ironically the main purpose of building that huge facility is to protect the Agricultural Bio-diversity of the World. Seeds are stored in rows of racks which runs throughout the facility. Each and every seed is stored in a particular manner using latest technology in-order to survive till eternity..... Seeds from worldwide is stored in this facility to protect the Germ-plasm.
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