Coast Redwood - The Tallest Tree In The World

tallest ttree coast redwood from a distance

'Sequoia sempervirens' which is called as 'The coast Redwood' is the tallest tree in the world which grows along the coastal area of the pacific ocean forming a thin, long line along the coast line concentrated mostly in California.

 About Hyperion - Tallest living tree

 Among those trees a tree named 'Hyperion' is the tallest living tree in the world measuring 115.55 meters tall (379.1 ft) and is the tallest attainable height of a tree among its breed.

Heavy rain has contributed to this amazing growth of trees which absorb huge quantities of water and due to fog, there is a less chance of evaporation. Many Coast Redwood trees which are taller than the rest has been found growing on the valley slopes with massive undergrowth. Variety of Flora and fauna takes refuge in these enormous trees earning them a nickname called as 'Hanging Garden'.

The tallest living tree - Hyperion
Image credits : Richard

Features of the Tallest tree

'Hyperion' which is the tallest tree ever lived in the recorded history, was discovered in 2006 and its exact location has not been revealed yet to prevent human traffic. It is an estimated that its age is between 700-800 years and contains about 530 sq.meters of wood.

Coast redwood are not the biggest or even largest tree in the world because of volume. 'General Sherman' is the largest tree in the world as of now. Different factors contribute in determining the actual records set by trees....

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