Aogashima Volcanic Island - A Stunning Paradise

Agoshima island from a distance

'Aogashima Volcanic Island' is located in the archipelago of Izu islands and is the southernmost Japanese island in the Philippine sea with a population of 205 people as of September 2009. This island is one of the least inhabited place on Earth, supporting life in various forms.

 This island is a class - C Active volcano and not yet erupted since 1785. This volcano had erupted in a 4 year span between 1781 and 1785, creating a disruption in the Eco-system.

Dimensions of Aogashima Island

Aogashima Island covers an area of about 8.75 square kilometers with a coastline nearly as long as 9 kilometers. The highest elevation is 423 meters creating a stunning view at the top.

The island is 3.5 km in length and 2.5 km in width, formed by overlapping remnants of at least four submarine calderas. The island is surrounded by steep rugged cliffs which is formed by the volcanic deposits.

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Aogashima island from the highest elevation
Image credits : Lucy

Notable places

There are mainly 2 notable places which offers a significant view and adds a specialty to this Aogashima island. One is the 'Ikenosawa' which is raised sharp cliff forming a bowl like creation with a diameter of 1.5 kilometers. This steep cliff is used as a slant ground for cultivation by the inhabitants and has been living depending on the harvest.

 Another place is the 'Otonbu' which is the highest point on the island which is 423 meters high.

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Who administers the Island?

This island is administered by the Tokyo metropolis under Hachijo Subprefecture. The whole island falls in the boundaries of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National park. Majority of the people living are Japanese and their origin is uncertain. As recorded, the volcanic eruption in 1785, took 138 lives.

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