200,000 years old Statue found on moon?

Ancient sculpture found on moon
 Image credits : Chawla

Here is an unsolved mystery about an 200,000 year old figurine found and was scavenged from 'moon !'. Yes, you heard right from Moon. This information was kept secret from public's eyes and was revealed by a noted scientist.

He had revealed that an 200000 year old statue was found on moon which was collected by Apollo 11 crew in 1969. It is a 10-inch sculpture called 'The angel' which had a polished angel like image carved!.

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Who is that scientist?

The man who revealed this is 'Dr. Charles', a scientist from NASA. He explained that it was a statue of a woman with long hair along with wings. By Carbon dating - it was determined 200,000 years old. Dr. Charles also quoted that this information was kept in secrecy because they feared a world-wide panic among the people. Till today this sculpture has not been officially declared and is still kept hidden.

This raises a question because, Humans life began just 170,000 years ago. Which leads to a wide 30,000 years gap between humans and this statue. This fact makes us raise our curious about the civilization which sculpted this statue.

Questions challenging this revelation are :

What are the possibilities that a statue will be found on the moon, near the site where Apollo 11 landed in 1969, which dates back to 200,000 years where no human lived even on earth ?

And affixed to this How did they find it and retrieve ??

Even many questions were raised about the accuracy of carbon-14 dating...

  • If we did find out a sculpture in 1969 on the Moon, many question arises like, who had put it there? 
  • What civilization/ alien race??
  •  For Which purpose ??? etc...
  • Even if it was found on Earth and if the carbon dating was 100% accurate, which civilization did this before humans roamed the Earth ?
  • In the near future - If answers were availed, would surely change the words written in the History books.

What do you say ??? 

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