Turritopsis nutricula - The Immortal Jellyfish

Turritopsis nutricula immortal jellyfish
Image Credits : nytimes.com

Man has been searching and experimenting with different types of tissues to find out the clue for immortality. But nature has already perfected this by millions of years of evolution.

'Turritopsis nutricula' a.k.a the immortal jellyfish has the ability to live forever by transforming or reverting to its primordial birth-stage after maturity. It is the only species in the whole world to be capable of transforming through the cell transdifferentiation.

Stages of Transformation 

  1. In the early stages the matured cells transforms into new polyps forming a new colony of immatured cells and all other matured cells die.
  2. Then the jellyfish is absorbed into new colony of immature cells. First goes the umbrella ( the outer-part of the jellyfish) followed by the tentacles and last goes the mesoglea ( the inner-part of the jellyfish).
  3. Then all other supporting cells are formed and completes the transformation.

After these stages this adult jellyfish is transformed into a baby jellyfish and continues its life-cycle once again. This process cycles to infinity.

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This jellyfish is bell-shaped, with max diameter of about 4.5 millimeters.
The stomach is red in color and can be easily identified.
In its youngest state this jellyfish has 8 tentacles, while adult jellyfishes have up-to 90 tentacles.
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