Thrust SSC - The World's Fastest car

Thrust SSC - Fastest car in a shed
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'Thrust - Super Sonic Car' which is also called as 'Thrust SSC' in short, is the fastest car in the world. This jet propelled car holds the 'World's Fastest land speed record' and became the first car to break the 'Sound Barrier'.

About Thrust - Super Sonic Car

Running on Jet propulsion system, this car which was driven by Richard Noble, reached '1,228km/hr' breaking the Sound barrier on 15 Oct 1997 in the 'Black Rock Desert', Nevada,US.

Richard Noble with his experience as a 'Royal Air Force Fighter Pilot Wing Commander' raced this fuel consuming Beast with huge afterburners attached to its sides made by Rolls-Royce into the History books. This hungry car consumed 18 liters per second during its maximum velocity feeding those massive twin jet engines.


The car is 16.5 meters long and 3.7 meters wide and weighed nearly 10 tons. With a total thrust of 223 kN which is nearly 110000 break horse power (HP) producing 50,000 pounds per square foot, Thrust SSC became the fastest car in the World and the car to break sound barrier.

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