Robert Wadlow - The Tallest Person in the World

Robert wadlow - comapred to his father
credits : Wikipedia
Robert Wadlow as compared to his father who is '6 feet tall'

'Robert Pershing Wadlow' who was born on 22nd day of February in 1918 is the Tallest person in History ever recorded. For this claim there are countless and irrefutable evidence supporting his massive growth.

About Robert Pershing Wadlow

He was born and brought up in Alton,Illinois ironically this place fetched Wadlow the nickname 'Alton Giant' or 'Giant of Illinois'. Wadlow grew so quickly that he reached '2.72 meters' or '8 ft 11.1inches' in height and weighed nearly '200 kgs' within the age of 22 and finally died in July 15,1940 at the age of 22.

Comparision of Robert wadlow height with 2 girls

What made him grow so tall?

Robert Wadlow's growth was due to Hyperplasia of his pituitary gland and he showed no indication of an end to his growth even at the time of death. His growth didn't stop and continued till adulthood reaching a height of 8ft 3 inches by the time he graduated.

Wadlow was a 'Freemason' and he had the largest Freemason ring in the World. He broke the World's tallest record, one year before his death beating the previous record holder John Rogan. 'Dr.C. M. Charles' and 'Dr. Cyril MacBryde' measured the height of Robert Wadlow eighteen days before his death and a official record was set at a height of 8 ft 11.1 inches in Washington University.

Robert wadlow shoes with a normal shoes
credits : Margaret

'Robert Wadlow's height takes a toll on him and forced him to wear Leg braces to walk and had a numb sensation throughout his leg. Despite these difficulties, Wadlow never used a Wheelchair.

His traveled to many cities and had become an American celebrity and even a shoe for his huge legs was provided free of cost to him in-return for Sales promotion by him(Wadlow). Many examples still exists throughout the US.

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