Mount Roraima - A Land Forgotten By Time

Mount roraima touching sky

Mount Roraima, the highest mountain in the chain of tepui plateau in south America. It has 31 of flat summit area which is defended by tall cliffs all around it. These nearly vertical sides rise 400 meters up in the air forming a gorgeous scenery anyone would die to see it.

Mount Roraima's sharp edge arial view
Image credits : Tom

About the Geological Formation

This tabletop geological formation is one of the oldest forms on Earth dating back to 2 Billion years. It is the highest point in Guyana and Roraima state of Brazil with its highest point maverick rock rising about 2,810 meters to the sky.

Although the steep sides make it look like inaccessible to hikers, many have climbed it to take a glimpse of the unique flora and fauna co-existing in the mountains of Roraima.

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