Modern Times Forever - The Longest Movie ever made

Image credits : Jansch

'Modern times forever' [Stora enso building. Helsinki] is the longest film ever to be made with a total runtime of 240 hours or let me put this way 10 days straight with out a single second of interval....

About the Modern Times Forever

The film lasts for 10 days or 240 hours and was made by Danish artists group 'Superflex' and was originally screened in front of that building in 2011.

 This film was made keeping this building in the lens. Modern Times Forever shows the centuries of Decay, compressed into the span of the film, marking Helsinki's Stora Enso headquarters building.

Over 10 days, the film will show what thousands of years of decay will do to modern architecture in the future by focusing on the sped up decay of this building. That's all!.

What is the official plot?

'Apart from being present in our everyday lives, quietly changing for ten days, the film’s time races ahead at an estimated several-hundred-year gallop each day. The film is a fiction about what could happen to the Stora Enso building as an architectural and ideological symbol, over the next few thousands of years, if the days of humankind come to an end, and only time and the weather affect the building.'

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