Hanging Temple - The Temple built into a Cliff

Picture of Hanging temple in china

'The Hanging temple' or 'Hanging monastery' near mount Heng, Hunyuan County, Shanxi province, China is built right into the cliff at a height of 75 meter or 246 ft above the ground. It was built around 1500 years ago using oak crossbeams fitted inside the chiseled holes of the Cliff.

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When was The Hanging Temple built?

According to history, it was built around 491 A.D and was maintained by Ming and Qing dynasties. Hanging temple is the Architectural Wonder because of the fact that it is so stable and also survived more than 1500 years of brutal forces of nature.

Inside the Monastery there are 40 halls and cabinets containing about 80 sculptures of Iron, copper, stone and terracotta. It includes Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian elements along with the monastery which makes up this prominent place for tourists.

The secret of the Hanging Temple

The vertical columns or pillars which are supporting the temple as you can see in the above picture are really Optional. They do not even support the walkways because, the real support crossbeams are horizontally embedded into the bedrock.

To make visitors feel safe, they have installed these optional pillars so that no one gets scared.
This temple was built at this height to avoid flooding and avalanches from the peak.
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I have been hanging monastery before; the temple is hanging on the cliff and supported by some pillars which has been stand for over hundreds of years, But it is amazing everywhere inside, with many things in details like carving, figures...


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