Great Banyan Tree - The Widest Tree in the World

Entrance to the Great Banyan tree
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'The Great Banyan Tree' is the widest tree in the World which is located in 'Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden', Howrah, near Kolkata, India. In terms of the area of the canopy this banyan tree is declared as the widest tree in the world and it is estimated to be about 200 to 250 years old.

 Facts about Great Banyan Tree

This 'Great Banyan tree' has no trunk because it was removed when it was struck by lightening and has since been left as a clonal colony rather than a single tree.

Due to increased visitors a long 330 meter road was built around its circumference but the tree has spread its territory and has/is grown/ing beyond it. Its age is an estimate because there is no clear history for it... and has been mentioned in some travel books in 19th century.

In 1884 and in 1886, this tree was heavily damaged by two great cyclones and some of its main branches were broken and exposed to fungus attack. By the looks of the tree from inside, one cannot tell it is a single tree, but a forest all-together because it occupies an area of '14,500 sq.meters' (about 1.5 hectares).

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About the main trunk 

The main trunk was 1.7 meters in circumference and 15.7 meters from the ground but sadly was removed in 1925 due to decay. Presently this tree has 3000 aerial roots reaching to the ground and they have become well rooted individual trees.

Records set by the Banyan Tree

The present canopy/ crown has a circumference of about 1 kilometer and the tallest branch is about 25 meters high, making it the Widest Tree in the World.

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