Area 51 - Unheard Facts and Experiments

Area 51 no tresspassing Sign board

'Area 51' was established in 1955 by CIA to test and develop 'Classified Military Projects'. Many stories surrounding this site has popularized this secret military idea worldwide. It has been famous for one thing for sure i.e Aliens (Roswell UFO crash).


Satellite images of Area 51 show seven runways and over 25 hangers. Many people claim that the US government carries on experiment from UFO's to aliens themselves.

Even many insists that the true purpose is to reverse-engineer alien spacecraft which was recovered from 'Roswell Crash site' which is presently occupied as Area 51- which officially doesn't exists till today.

The name 'Area 51' was derived from the markings found on Nevada Test Site Maps which indicated this site which was numbered as 51. Today this site is officially called as 'Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3'.

'Area 51' was built around a Dry lake earning its other name 'Groom lake'. Military officials called this place as 'Paradise Ranch', 'Waterfront', 'Dreamland' etc...

Since they had no Television, the only means of entertainment was a single cement tennis court and a small bowling alley. For dinner sometimes they served lobsters and oysters once a week. A poll conducted regarding the truth of aliens crash in Roswell showed that 57% of Americans believed it.


The experiments conducted in Area 51 is published in series so readers can get the most out of it. Here goes the list -

1. Lockheed Electra - Fastest manned aircraft ever

2. A-12 OXCART - World's First Titanium Plane

3. In progress...
4. In progress...
5. In progress...
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