Eiksund Tunnel - The Deepest tunnel in the World

Eiksund Tunnel Entrance
Image Credits : Ellis

The 'Eiksund Tunnel' is the 'Deepest tunnel in the World' which reaches a depth of 287 meters (942 ft). This is an undersea tunnel which connects Orsta and Ulstein together which are the thriving mainlands of Norway.

 Facts about Eiksund Tunnel

Eiksund tunnel with its three lanes, on an average bridges nearly 1000 vehicles per day which mostly consists of trucks, The total cost of construction was about 500,000,000 NOK. Construction was completed in 2008 far from the scheduled year i.e 2007 and it was opened for traffic on 24 February 2008.

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Records set by Eiksund Tunnel

This tunnel spans a distance of 7.765 kilometers and reaches a depth of 942 feet making it the Deepest tunnel in the World.

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