Charlie Chaplin - His real Face and Facts

Charles spencer chaplin real photo

Charlie Chaplin real signature pic
Image credits : Jamie

The person in the above pic is none other than Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin commonly called as 'Charlie Chaplin'... Charles Spencer Chaplin with the stage name of 'Charlie Chaplin', portrayed as the lonely tramp in his films rose to fame in the silent era of filmography.

 About Charlie Chaplin - A lonely Tramp

 His career as an actor and filmmaker spanned more than 75 years from his childhood to his death. Many people still fail to recognize his real face because of the fact that there aren't many exposure of it. People are addicted to see him as a lonely tramp with his small mustache and a hat along with his torn clothing as commonly seen in his most of the films.

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Interesting facts about Charlie Chaplin

  • He was the first actor to be featured on the front cover of the TIME magazine.
  • In a look-a-like contest on himself , despite his own popularity he lost when he participated among different people who had dressed exactly to match charlie's appearance.
  • On the suspicions of him being a communist, his imprints on the Hollywood walk of fame were removed and has been lost ever since.
  • After his death his corpse was stolen by a small group of mechanics to blackmail for ransom. Later it was recovered and buried in 6 feet of concrete to prevent such attempts.
  • Charlie never became an American Citizenship and was exiled from America.
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