Belmez Strange Faces on Ground - Mystery unsolved...

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'Belmez Strange Faces on Ground' is an unsolved mystery which still has no explanation. In a quite place somewhere in Spain, a family started seeing strange faces on ground, appearing and disappearing. After some local investigation, the home itself was sealed.

How was 'Belmez Strange Faces' discovered?

On the twenty third day of August 1971, there was an unusual activity which caught the eyes of a small kid towards an image on the kitchen marble floor. The whole family came and saw this unexplainable paranormal activity. They had no idea about these images appearing suddenly from no where.

As the parents and the grandmother of that kid did not want any gossips in their village, tried to erase those by all means. But suddenly something unexpected happened. instead of disappearing the image changed its shape and a face with a sad expression, wide open eyes was formed.

The image kept on changing and forming new faces with different expressions and soon started to darken. The couples decide to destroy the tiles and cover it with cement.

After a week, everything seemed normal after implementing this new idea. But soon a new face with much more detail appeared and a sense of panic was born in the minds of the family members. After this encounter they contacted the local officials which then deployed a team of experts to investigate.

The team arrived with half belief and half humor, soon after their analysis and digging they found skeletons buried years ago.

The entire team then closed the hole and sealed it by covering it with loads of cement. Their efforts went into drain. Images kept on appearing and disappearing in the same place. The officials then sealed off the Kitchen.

What happened Next in Belmez, Spain?

Maria Gomez Pereira family home at Belmez, Spain soon became the hotspot for investigators and tourists. 30 years passed, but there was no lead. The mystery was not yet solved by any team. Numerous Faces, with different expressions formed and disappeared throughout the house. Advanced technological gadgets were used to solve this creepy mystery but still no satisfying conclusions was drawn.

Many suggested the rocks beneath the floor caused these extreme patterns and some suggested that there was some paranormal activities carried on based on the fact that they recorded a human inaudible sound at certain frequency near the images.

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