Amorphophallus Titanum - World's Tallest Flower

Amorphophallus titanum when bloomed

'Amorphophallus Titanum' also known as 'Titan arum' is the tallest flower in the world. This flowering plant can reach over 10 ft (3 meters) in height and smells like a decomposing mammal, rendering it the other name 'Corpse plant'.

 About Amorphophallus Titanum

Since, it smells like rotten meat, it attracts carrion-eating beetles and flesh flies that pollinate it as it contains 2 small flowers in the middle of the flower. the top part is like a french bread and grows to an height of 8 ft..

The two small flowers are of opposite gender. Male and Female flowers grow together but blooms after 2 days of each other. Usually female flowers opens first and followed by male flower to avoid self - pollination.

What happens when it dies?

  • When the flower dies, a single leaf about the size of a small tree grows from underneath and reaches to a height of 20 ft tall and 16 ft wide across
  • Every year a leaf dies and a new one grows in its place. 
  • After collecting all the energy it needed for hibernation, the flower goes dormant for about 4 months. During this stage the flower can weigh as much as 50 kilograms to about 90 kilograms

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